Wolfgang is a control valve and severe service expert with 30-plus years in the valve and industrial sectors. Wolfgang was instrumental in setting up Samson Australia and Masoneilan Australia over his tenure as service manager for some of largest representatives in Australia.

    Wolfgang has worked on almost every type of valve and has EXPERIENCE in most mechanical fields. His background in German automotive engineering and multiple valve start-up companies focuses his drive for quality, health and safety to the highest levels of EXCELLENCE.


    Erik is the Managing Director of EXGROUP and a valve expert with expertise in design and applications. Erik has 20 years of industry EXPERIENCE in design, field service, repairs and maintenance for various types of operational plants in the oil and gas, power generation and petrochemical fields.

    Erik is working on his second start up and has been able to demonstrate EXCELLENCE in building a business that uses innovation and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE to the industry.


    Cameron is the manager of the mechanical services division of EXGROUP operating as MECHANEX. Cameron is a trade qualified fitter and machinist with 20 years’ EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE in manufacturing on large and small components for the valve, hydraulic, food processing, mining, oil and gas and power industries. Cameron also spent several years onsite as a specialized valve technician before moving into machinery maintenance.

    Cameron has been involved in small and large scale projects both on and offshore carrying out mechanical fitting, flange management and machining works. Cameron has been privileged to design and provide specialized solutions for mechanical services, custom-built machines and tooling for out-of-the-norm projects.

    Cameron prides himself on up holding a high standard of EXCELLENCE and always provide high attention to detail to all areas of work and family life.


    Andrew is a Mechanical Engineer whose expertise in valves and mechanical equipment fit him into the role as the Lead Engineer for EXGROUP. Andrew is a professional engineer with 11 years experience in construction and commissioning projects. He honed his skills with major maintenance campaigns, leading turnaround teams for several major oil and gas operators.

    Andrew’s EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE make for EXCELLENCE in innovative and practical engineering solutions.


    Darren is an expert valve technician excelling in controls and instrumentation. Darren possesses over 25 years’ experience across all facets of mechanical maintenance and control valve service and repair. Darren has worked as a Valve Technician for some of Australia’s leading companies including petrochemical and power generation and has transitioned into supervisory and project management roles gaining valuable EXPERIENCE in project execution.

    Darren is dedicated to providing EXCELLENCE and is known in the industry for his integrity, high standards and technical EXPERTISE.

Expertise + Experience = Excellence