Specialised Mechanical, Valve and Instrumentation products and services

Using innovative technologies to deliver valued solutions to our customers 






Valve & Instrumentation Specialists

EXGROUP’s valve and instrumentation engineers and technicians provide specialised engineering, servicing and testing for all process industries.

Mechanical Product Supply Specialists

EXGROUP’s mechanical, valve, actuation, pump, and instrumentation product supply specialists independently procure cost effective and practical OEM solutions for process industry clients.

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Mechanical Services

EXGROUP’s engineers, machinists and mechanical fitters provide specialised on-site and workshop machining services for all process industries.

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Critical Equipment Information Tool

EXTAG provides instant access to critical equipment information including Data Sheets, Test Certificates, ITP’s, and operations and maintenance data.


Customers use EXTAG with its intuitive learning interfaces to collect and visualise field data through construction, commissioning and operations phases.

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Workforce Management, On-site Support & Contract Labour Specialists

We supply specialist management, engineering, supervision and labour, on contract to  Oil & Gas, Process, Mining, and Power Generation industries.

We are proud to deliver EXCELLENT results and solutions to our customers on each and every job.

Our Vision


Create a vehicle for people to reach their personal and financial goals.

Our Mission


To perform work to the highest standard with the use of the latest technology with a team that is proud to be part of an inclusive and dynamic work culture.

How we work

At EXGROUP we ensure the best outcomes are achieved by listening and supporting our customers’ requirements. We safely provide the service and solutions we commit to our customers and learn how to more effectively and efficiently deliver over time.

We focus and centralise our customer needs and utilise EXGROUP’s People, Culture, Equipment and Technology to get the best results every time.



The people who make up EXGROUP are our strength.

Our team members are leading industry professionals with a wealth of experience, bringing years of learning and expertise to deliver solutions.


Integrity of our people is paramount with a focus on our customers. 

We believe in doing things safely and right the first time, with no rework. 


We believe there is a correct tool for every job and learning from our experience.

EXGROUP’s team is from a diverse set of backgrounds and we encourage and promote diversity of thought and backgrounds from all of our people.



EXGROUP adopts an 'Above the Line' culture based on ownership, accountability and responsibility for delivering customer solutions. Our culture is built on highly skilled and experienced individuals who operate as a team and are motivated by delivering practical results.

EXGROUP’s simple and flat organisation structure enables responsive and nimble service to our customers.

We are always looking at new ways to improve - how to do things differently and more efficiently.



Our equipment provides a competitive advantage for us to efficiently deliver customer solutions. Our people  work best if they have the right tools.


Decades of process industry field and workshop experience has led to refinement of our mobile equipment design and setups and consequently we are extremely proud of how efficiently our field operations run.



Not only do we use the latest technology - from test equipment to analysis tools - we have also developed EXTAG to manage customers’ critical information.

Using the Profiler Diagnostic Suite allows our customers to achieve TRUE diagnostics and provide graphical evidence on positioner, pneumatic and mechanical faults. This ensures more efficient and economical planning.


EXTAG has been designed with our customers in mind, to add value and efficiency to their projects and operations. EXTAG is a practical tool for EXGROUP and client teams to collect and visualise data in the field, linking our specialised work to customer benefits such as compliance, operations and maintenance efficiency and productivity.


Customer Benefits



Our ‘Above the Line Culture’ and Integrated Management System sets us apart and makes us a partner of choice. Being ISO 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified allows our customers to be confident we will provide the highest levels of health, safety, quality and environmental outcomes.



With the use of our technologies and experience as an independent mechanical, valve and instrumentation engineering company, we provide customers with efficient and strategic spending plans.


Using Profiler diagnostics, we give factual evidence for spare parts requirements, reducing equipment duplication and preventing costly premiums for expediting equipment.


Our valve supply specialists independently recommend and procure the best solutions for customers both in capital and operating environments.  


EXTAG digitally records operations, maintenance, and spare parts historical information for easy access and planning to optimise expenditure plans.



EXTAG’s data collection and visualisation capability provides real time safety, certification and compliance to customers. We provide appropriate industrial services, and digitise the results, ensuring audits and internal KPI’s are met delivering beneficial operations and maintenance outcomes.



EXGROUP utilises cutting edge diagnostic tools to ensure equipment failures and breakdowns are prevented or minimised. We employ a visual real-time monitoring system to provide our clients with full transparency.


Using Profiler diagnostics together with EXTAG data collection and visualisation, we implement preventative and predictive maintenance philosophies based on criticality and risk. This leads to reduction or elimination of unwanted downtime.



Our planning for maintenance of critical equipment is not based on historical timing between overhauls.


Utilising Profiler diagnostics, EXGROUP provides preventative and forecasted maintenance planning for our customers’ valves and instrumentation based on criticality and risk data. Our predictive software can forecast valve failures and give graphical analysis and evidence for the optimal timing for valve maintenance.


We manage your planning, based on visual and factual information generated by the EXTAG system and Profiler diagnostics.


Industries we work with

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Our QHSE Accreditations

EXGROUP strives for ongoing excellence, as evidenced by our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality qualifications, accreditations and memberships.

Quality Management Accreditations


ISO 17025: 2017

Quality Management Accreditation


General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. 
NATA accredited for technical competence.


ISO 9001: 2015

Quality Management Accreditation


Health and Safety Accreditations



ISO 45001: 2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


Environmental Management Accreditations



ISO 14001: 2016

Environmental Management Accreditation


Our Footprint

Workshop locations, personnel and mobile/site equipment

EXGROUP has strategic locations on the east and west coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

We can supply mechanical labour supply from Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and we have three fully functioning workshops with overhead gantry cranes, machine shops and testing equipment.

We also have a range of Mobile Workshops and Containers for supporting onshore and offshore site shutdowns, outages and turnarounds.

20ft Mobile Workshops

Customised workshop containers to meet all our customers’ site needs including pressure testing, overhauls, on-site machining, gauge calibrations and more.

10ft DNV Rated Mobile Containers

Customised Off-Shore Rated workshop containers to meet all our customers' site needs including pressure testing and overhauls, on-site machining, gauge calibrations and more.

Painting Capabilities

We also have fully functional in-house sand blasting, spray, and painting capabilities for Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical and Power customers.

Perth (Forrestdale)
Sydney (Botany)
Tauranga (UTREX)

We work with some of the most innovative

companies in Australia.