EXGROUP is a specialized service and engineering company to the oil and gas, power and petrochemical markets.About Us
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EXGROUP is a comprehensive valve, chemical and mechanical services company driven by EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE. We provide high-quality engineering, personnel and specialized equipment to deliver EXCELLENCE to our clients.

At EXGROUP, we believe in answering the phone and responding to emails. We believe in doing things once and doing them properly. We believe there is a correct tool for every job. We believe in learning from the past. We believe that EXPERTISE plus EXPERIENCE equals EXCELLENCE. Read More

Service Capabilities


The valve division of EXGROUP provides premier and comprehensive valve services in Perth, including critical valve management, valve engineering and valve maintenance services to the Australian and New Zealand industrial sectors.


  • Valve Certification and Testing to NATA accreditation and ISO 17025:2005.
  • On-Site Support via labour and equipment hire.
  • Overhaul and Testing Capabilities for all types of valves,
    both mobile and in-house.
  • True Valve Diagnostics.
  • Valve Engineering Service and Third Party Failure Analysis.
  • Planning and Valve Management.
  •  EXTAG Document and Quality Support APP.
  • Valve Procurement and Bid Analysis.
  • Safety Devices, PSV Testing, Overhauls and Certifications.


The chemical cleaning division of EXGROUP has extensive EXPERIENCE in the Australian and New Zealand mining, paper and oil and gas markets. From chemical cleaning solutions to equipment hire and rental, chemical supplies and management. ChemEX are EXGROUP’s chemical cleaning specialists.


The mechanical services division of EXGROUP provides high-end specialised in situ services carried out by the most skilled tradesmen in the industry.


  • On-Site Machining Services.
  • Labour Hire – Mechanical Fitting and Project Engineering.
  • Flange Facing up to 3 metres and including Hub Type Connections, Compact Flanges, HE Tubesheets, Channels, Girth Flanges and Bonnets.
  • On-Site Milling.
  • Pipe Cutting and Weld Preparations.
  • Drilling and Stud Removals.
  • Bespoke Machinery, Engineering and Fabrications.
  • Bolt Torquing and Tensioning, and Flange Management.


The EXGROUP is built upon its people. Our management team contains the foremost industry professionals in valves, chemical cleaning and mechanical services.

We have accumulated valuable knowledge through lessons learned over many years. Our people have cut their teeth on some of the largest construction, commissioning, shutdown and maintenance jobs in the southern hemisphere. This EXPERIENCE makes us experts in our fields.

EXGROUP strives for EXCELLENCE in each and every job. The high standards of our performance deliver excellent results for our clients.

Our Footprint

EXGROUP’s workshop locations, personnel and mobile/site equipment includes:

  • Strategic locations on the East and West Coasts of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Mechanical labour supply from all capital cities, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • Three fully functioning workshops with overhead gantry cranes, machine shops and testing equipment.
  • Multiple 10-foot (DNV) and 20-foot mobile workshops with pressure-testing equipment, chemical-cleaning equipment and machining equipment.


EXTAG is EXGROUP’s bespoke app that gives our clients instant access to critical information relating to their asset. Data Sheets, Test Certs, ITPs and more. The app can be integrated with existing client maintenance systems and also be interactive with on-site users.


  • Monitor PSV, Gauge and Transmitters Calibration Dates.
  • Monitor Tag Items Data Sheets, IOM’s and Drawings.
  • Customize ITP’s and JHA’s – fill out and send online.
  • Track all working histories and permits to work.
  • Live email functionality with work order processing.
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Mobile app
EXTAG, critical information app by EXGROUP
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EXGROUP and its subsidiaries VALVEX, MECHANEX and CHEMEX proudly demonstrate how our EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE combine to deliver EXCELLENT outcomes.

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