Specialised Mechanical, Valve 
and Instrumentation services

Using innovative technologies to help our customers






Valve & Instrumentation Specialists

The valve and instrumentation division of EXGROUP provides high level engineering, servicing and testing for all process industries.

Mechanical Services

The mechanical services division of EXGROUP provides high level specialised services for all process industries.

Critical Equipment Information Tool

The EXTAG System provides our customers with instant access to critical information of their equipment including Data Sheets, Test Certs, ITP’s and more. It has been specifically designed for use in the field.


Workforce Management, On-site Support
& Contract Labour Hire 

We are specialists in the supply of contract labour hire in industries including Oil & Gas, Process, Mining and Power Generation. We have decades of experience hiring and supplying project teams and contracting labour hire delivering and supporting major projects.


We can ensure rapid mobilisation, quality and on-time delivery by retaining and utilising our best and most suitably qualified personnel for each project.

  • Construction and Installation (Mechanical, Valves & Instrumentation)

  • Testing and Commissioning (Mechanical, Valves & Instrumentation)

  • Operations and Maintenance (Mechanical, Valves & Instrumentation)

  • Planned and Unplanned Shut downs/Turnaround support (Mechanical, Valves & Instrumentation)

  • Process and Mechanical Services

  • Valves and Instrumentation Services & Support

  • Field Machining and Manufacturing, Bolting and Torqueing Support

  • Rotating Machinery general maintenance and repair

  • Full mobilisation across Australia & New Zealand

How we work

At EXGROUP we believe that the best outcomes are achieved by listening and supporting our customers requirements.  We will deliver the service we say we can provide and ensure every job is done safely.

We focus and centralise our customer needs and utilise EXGROUP’s People, Culture, Equipment and Technology to get the best results every time. 


We deliver EXCELLENCE on each and every job.

Our high standards ensure we fulfil our  commitment of excellent results for our customers.


The people who make up EXGROUP are the organisation’s strength. Our team members are leading industry professionals with a wealth of experience, bringing their years of learning and expertise together.


First and foremost though, integrity is paramount with a focus on our customers. We believe in answering the phone and responding to emails. We believe in doing things once and doing them safely. We believe there is a correct tool for every job and learning from the past.


You can have the best people in the world but if they cannot work as a team - well they don’t work for us.  


We pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled, experienced operators - one that works together to solve our customers problems. 


We are always looking at new ways we can improve - how we can do things differently and efficiently - but always with consideration for each other at the forefront.


We love our equipment! We know that our people will always work best if they have the right tools - so that’s what we do.


It has taken decades to refine our mobile equipment setups and we are extremely proud of how efficient our field operations run.


Not only do we use the latest technology - from test equipment to analysis tools - we have also developed EXTAG to manage all our customers' critical information.

Using the Profiler Diagnostic Suite allows our customers to achieve TRUE diagnostics and provide graphical evidence on positioner, pneumatic and mechanical faults. This ensures more efficient and economical planning. 

EXTAG has been designed with our customers in mind, to add value and efficiency to their projects. EXTAG is a practical tool for the teams in the field to collect and visualise data, and completes the circle for us and our customers - linking our work to our customer outcomes.


Customer Benefits


Our integrated management system and 'Above the Line Culture' sets us apart and makes us a partner of choice. Being ISO 17025 and ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System (DNV) accredited allows our customers to be confident we will provide the highest levels of safety and quality. 


With the use of our technologies and experience as an independent valve engineering company, we can provide our customers with efficient and strategic spending plans. Using Profiler diagnostics, we give factual evidence for spare parts requirements, reducing equipment double ups and preventing costly premiums for expediting equipment. And EXTAG keeps digital maintenance records and spare parts histories.


EXTAG’s data collection and visualisation capability provides real time safety, certification and compliance to all our customers. We can further provide appropriate industrial services and digitise the results, ensuring audits and internal KPI’s are met with positive outcomes.


EXGROUP utilises cutting edge diagnostic tools to ensure equipment breakdown and equipment failures are prevented. We employ a visual real-time monitoring system to provide our clients with full transparency. Using Profiler diagnostics and EXTAG data collection and visualisation, we enact a preventative and predicative maintenance philosophy, decreasing unwanted downtime.


Our planning is not based on traditional time-based plans. Utilising Profiler diagnostics, EXGROUP can provide preventative and forecasted maintenance planning for our customers’ valves and instrumentation. Our predictive software can forecast valve failures and give graphical analysis and evidence for the optimal time for valve maintenance.  We can manage your planning, based on visual and factual information utilising both EXTAG and Profiler.


Industries we work with

Our QHSE Accreditations

EXGROUP and its divisions VALVEX, MECHANEX and CHEMEX strive for ongoing excellence, as evidenced by our qualifications, accreditations and memberships.

Quality Management Accreditation


ISO 17025: 2017

General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. 
NATA accredited for technical competence.

Compliant to ISO 9001: 2015

Health and Safety Accreditation and Qualifications


ISO 45001: 2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Our Footprint

Workshop locations, personnel and mobile/site equipment

EXGROUP has strategic locations on the east and west coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

We can supply mechanical labour supply from Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and we have three fully functioning workshops with overhead gantry cranes, machine shops and testing equipment.

We also have a range of Mobile Workshops and Containers.

20ft Mobile Workshops

Customised workshop containers to meet all our customers' site needs including pressure testing and overhauls, on-site machining, chemical cleaning and more.

10ft DNV Rated Mobile Containers

Customised Off-Shore Rated workshop containers to meet all our customers' site needs including pressure testing and overhauls, on-site machining, chemical cleaning and more.

Painting Capabilities

We also have fully functional in-house spray and painting capabilities for Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical and Power customers.

Perth (Forrestdale)
Sydney (Botany)
Tauranga (UTREX)

We work with some of the most innovative

companies in Australia.


Contact us

If you would like to know more about our company or our services, please contact us.

1300 813 336

Unit 2 – 21 Alex Wood Drive

Forrestdale,  WA  6112


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