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Mechanical Product Supply Specialists

EXGROUP’s mechanical, valve, actuation, pump, and instrumentation product supply specialists independently procure cost effective and practical OEM solutions for process industry clients.

VALVEX Solutions philosophy is to provide professional service, reliability & quality products and services to key stakeholders in our industries.

We focus on being a partner of choice and creating an open relationship to provide the best possible solution whilst ensuring we work safely in generating optimal plant efficiency.

VALVEX Solutions focusses on excellence in customer service through teamwork and enhanced communication.

VALVEX Solutions provides engineering, sourcing and distributing a comprehensive scope of valves (ball, control, safety, GGC, DBB, API 6A), pumps (Positive displacement, centrifugal, liquid ring vacuum and rod pumps) and relevant ancillary accessories.

Our People

Each team member of VALVEX Solutions will support communication and teamwork between the Customer, Manufacturer and Supplier.

Our clear and open communication is a critical enabler to achieve a positive environment and long term business relationships.

Our highly experienced team with over 100 years of cumulative experience is focused to deliver tailored technical, logistical and commercial solutions to fulfil your specific requirements on time.

Our team has a wealth of independent product knowledge and market intelligence based on years of experience in the Asia Pacific and European regions.

Our Products

VALVEX Solutions sources from niche, middle and large tier valve manufacturers worldwide to tailor solutions which meet your technical and commercial needs.

The manufacturers have high quality standards and are ISO 9001 accredited as a minimum. These manufacturers are approved by the likes of SHELL, BP, EXXON, TOTAL, ENI, Vale and locally by Arrow Energy, Origin Energy and BHP.  Through our experience we have extensive knowledge of existing customer specifications.

Valve Solutions

Valvex Solutions mechanical supply specialists independently procure cost effective and practical OEM solutions including:

  • Ball Valves: Trunnion mounted; top entry; welded end; cryogenic; floating ball

  • Butterfly Valves: Triple off-set; double eccentric & concentric

  • Gate Valves: BB; WB; slab; through conduit; pressure seal; knife gate

  • API 6A Wellhead equipment: Slab, expanding gate; Goathead; flanges; crossovers

  • Plug valves: Lubricated & non-lubricated, lined, double block & bleed plug

  • Globe Valves: BB; WB; pressure seal; bellow seal; y-pattern

  • Check Valves: Dual plate; retainer-less; jacketed; swing; lift; piston; y-pattern

  • Actuation: Pneumatic rack & pinion & scotch yoke; electric; hydraulic

  • Instrumentation: DBB Valves; instrument valves; needle

  • Strainers: Y; tee; basket; self-cleaning; conical & temporary

  • Line blinds: Line blinds (Quick and safe operation)

  • Materials: WCB; WCC; WC6; WC9; LCB; LCC; LF2; SS; duplex; titanium; exotics

  • Pressure classes: 150# - 4500#; 10,000PSI


Pump Solutions

  • Vertical Chemical Process Pumps

  • API 610 Petrochemical Pumps

  • API 610 11th Ed OH2 Single Stage Centrifugal Process Pumps

  • API 610 11th Ed BB3 Horizontal Axially Split Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

  • ISO 2858 Single Stage Centrifugal Process Pumps

  • Hot Oil Pump

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Compressors & Systems

  • Submersible Pumps

  • Water Transfer Pumps

  • Pressure Booster Systems

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